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Inked Brands, a visionary company supporting niche, artist-based consumer product brands, seeks to undergo a strategicrebranding initiative to elevate its visual identity, strengthen its market presence, and foster a deeper connection with its diversetarget audience and its internal workforce. The primary goal is to shift perceptions, ensuring that the brand is taken seriouslywithin its community and emphasizing its unique position as a best-in-class provider that empowers smaller brands to thrive.


ELEVATED VISUAL IDENTITY Develop a modern, sophisticated logo that reflects and aligns with the brand's values.

PRACTICAL BRANDING ASSETS Design versatile branding assets that can be seamlessly applied across various media, including digital platforms, print materials, and packaging.

REPOSITIONING WITHIN THE INDUSTRY Craft a compelling messaging strategy that communicates the brand's unique offering, emphasizing its role in empowering smaller brands and providing top-quality custom products.
Establish a narrative that showcases the brand's commitment to continuous learning, positive engagement, and the interconnectedness of its various departments.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Develop strategies for community engagement to bridge the gap between the brand and its target audience. Implement a phased approach to launch the rebrand, ensuring a smooth transition that generates excitement and buy-in from existing customers and attracts new ones.

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