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Sparked by the desire to give more, Oliver Creative was born in August of 2019 when founder Ada Oliver decided to pursue her dreams of meaningful work by leaving the corporate world and chasing entrepreneurship.

In Spring of 2020, amidst a global pandemic and the world going home, Oliver Creative stepped out and opened its first brick-and-mortar space in Oliver's hometown of Scottsville, Kentucky - a place to share a smile and cultivate creativity with the community.

Since its inception, Oliver Creative has served all walks of life - small businesses to nonprofits, startups to seasoned veterans, and mom-and-pop shops to government agencies - with their branding and design needs.

Ada Oliver, Owner & Creative Director

Meet Ada.

Owner & Creative Director, Oliver Creative

Before launching Oliver Creative in 2019, I worked for two successful tech companies alongside risk takers and bold leaders who let me cut my teeth on branding and web projects for high profile clients.

My time with these companies landed me a myriad of design experience ranging from UI/ UX design, Branding, Web Design, Print and Promotional Design, Marketing, and even Game Design. This experience gave me grit, strengthened my skill set, and expanded my design love capacity from print media to the digital realm.

But the design experience wasn’t the only part that built me. Hands down, the best part of my years spent in the corporate world was the opportunity to work with folks who were passionate and adventurous about their ideas and trusted me to help - you know, folks just like you.

we believe in
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restoration and renewal of purpose!
being friendly and helpful!
providing more than you expected!

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oliver creative manifesto (It's like our fight song)
get inspired. be honest and authentic. give more than you take. do more than you thought you could. take pride. work hard, be nice. collaborate. listen. learn from others. remember your why. love.