Horses, Horsepower & Hollers

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Horses, Horsepower & Hollers is a multi-jurisdiction tourism campaign designed to capture the essence of Kentucky’s rich cultural and historical heritage across six key destinations: Bowling Green, Corbin, Franklin, Georgetown, Harlan, and Shelby Co. The campaign leverages a bold, vibrant visual style to showcase the diverse attractions that Kentucky has to offer, from horseback riding and bourbon tasting to local crafts and high-speed automotive experiences.

The design employs a bold color palette that draws from Kentucky's lively outdoor landscapes and rich textures, using stark contrasts to make the visuals pop and capture attention. Icons and imagery are used to represent the key themes of each destination—horses, horsepower, and the rustic charm of Kentucky's hollers. Typography is playful yet robust, reflecting the adventurous spirit of the state.

Graphics combine contemporary design with nostalgic elements, bridging Kentucky’s storied past with its dynamic present. Each piece is crafted to stand out in digital and print mediums, ensuring high visibility and engagement. The incorporation of a digital pass in the campaign design highlights a commitment to modern convenience and accessibility, enhancing the user experience by offering a streamlined method to explore itineraries and destination highlights.

This campaign aims not only to attract tourists but also to instill a sense of pride in Kentuckians, emphasizing the state's status as a hub of tradition and excitement. The design choices—from color to composition—serve to create a cohesive and inviting visual journey that mirrors the physical travel experience across Kentucky.

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