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The Farmacy

Local favorite, The Farmacy, approached us about collaborating on a new rebrand for their restaurant. In addition, they needed to apply that branding to their menus and the exterior of the building. We worked alongside the restaurant owners to create a brand that symbolized the experience you had when eating burgers and hot chicken at this local diner-like restaurant.

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The Farmacy Restaurant
October 2019

Prescription: Burgers & Hot Chicken

The Farmacy is located on the square in Scottsville, Kentucky. They reside in what is known as the Carpenter-Dent Pharmacy building thus the origin on their restaurant's name. When I sat down with Jay and Madison, they spoke of a strong desire to highlight local food products with a fresh approach to a diner like menu. Jay is a professional chef with many years of experience cooking unique cuisines and adding his own flair. His hot chicken and burgers showcase local meats and produce that come together for a lunch that is out of this world.

When we talked about what they wanted their customers to experience, it was simple. The Farmacy has become a local lunch hangout where you can find local business owners and occasional tourists sharing long cafeteria style seating and often times turning around to speak to the next table. This is a friendly atmosphere where people congregate over quality food, very reminiscent of the diner style dining. When applying that experience to their branding, we came up with a retro red and creamy white color palette that is inviting, friendly and pays homage to diner logos of the past.

Their tagline speaks of the locally sourced, high-quality food you get when dining at the Farmacy.

Looking to the Future

When designing a brand, we like to talk about what the future holds for your business. We want to make sure that whatever we design for you will work seamlessly with your goals and intentions for the future. One day, the Farmacy dreams of having hand spun milkshakes and the best burgers in town. By creating supporting elements the support their future plans, The Farmacy is prepared to step forward into new growth and direction for their restaurant.

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