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Summit Title Company

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Summit Title Company
January 2021

Project Summary

For over 15 years, Summit Title Company has provided a better closing experience for the buyers, sellers and agents of South Central Kentucky.

They offer a full range of real estate settlement services including residential and commercial closings. Their mission is to provide customers with a professionally guided and seamless closing experience.

The current logo is ready for improvement. The leadership of Summit appreciates the way that it reflects a summit or peak of a mountain. From location to location and applications, colors vary and consistency is desired. The hope is by executing a brand refresh, consistency and alignment is gained, further strengthening the presence and trust level of the brand.

Summit's existing logo consisted of a square icon mimicking the peak or summit of a mountain along with a beautiful curvy serif, Americana. A bit of text composition clean up and a fresh approach to the summit color scheme and icon gave them an updated look.

The existing logo appeared gold and red in some applications but also blue in some others. The text used was a nice serif but due to some tight positioning and layouts, seemed a bit crowded. We wanted to protect the integrity of what they had already built so we stayed with some consistencies like the font and use of lines.

Three summits/peaks were used to represent the generational approach to leadership within the company.
A strong logo mark and word mark were created by splitting up the lock up logo.

A Strong Web Presence

About 10 years ago, Summit had a website but found it to be confusing and difficult for users to navigate. The goal was to create a simple, clean and effective website that would inform their customers of the services they provide, a glimpse of the friendly faces and contact information. We developed a site for them that accomplished all three. We've enjoyed watching the visibility growth of their new site!

A Paper Strategy

In their line of work, paper is still an essential part. So we created lots of pretty things to implement into their bundling of paperwork. With some beautiful cards printed from Moo and a nice, beautiful mailer to introduce their website to their clients, we got them started on a great track for implementation! 

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