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Scottsville Animal Hospital

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Scottsville Animal Hospital
July 2020

Project Kickoff

Scottsville Animal Hospital is a locally owned, small town practice providing top of the line, professional healthcare to small, large and exotic animals. Their care is not only focused on the patient but also establishing a personal relationship with the animal owner providing feelings of trust, empathy and a sense of family.

Ownership recently changed and so a rebrand felt appropriate to acknowledge the transfer. The practice has been locally owned and operated for many years and is passing on to another local family who will be carrying on the legacy.

The staff of SAH has built a brand personality that’s rooted in authentic, friendly and comforting relationships. Even if a visit might be for difficult reasons, the staff still strive to provide a great experience through being friendly and empathetic. My family has been taking their pets to SAH for many years and always have felt like they care for our pets like we do. By showing love to their patients, they have established a trusting and caring relationship with the community.

The hope is that with a rebrand, SAH can continue to provide a comfortable, welcoming and fear free environment for the animal owners of Scottsville and Allen County.

Brand Direction

Pets bring a certain brightness to our lives and we wanted to honor it with the visual brand. The mood board direction chosen was colorful, witty and welcoming.

The color palette was a bold mix of punchy, vintage hues. Using a bright color palette, we knew it would have to be juxtaposed with strong font choices and a strong layout to maintain the level of professionalism that someone desires out of a medical facility.

Fear Free Colors

Mandy and her team have taken a proactive approach to adding a comfort and calming environment to the practice by incorporating the use of Fear Free Colors in the interior design. A common misconception among pet owners is that dogs are colorblind. In reality, dogs have dichromatic vision and can see most of the range of colors humans can see. Feline color perception is different than dogs but does have similar characteristics. Cat's vision is trichromatic, but they can't see colors with as much precision as humans do.

The Fear Free color palette caters to the animal's vision by providing a low-stress, soothing and calming effect. The walls of Scottsville Animal Hospital's waiting and exam rooms are painted in these color schemes. The brand color palette chosen will be strategically used in the waiting room for this very reason. The majority of interactions with the brand with be in printed material or on social media, things animals will not be looking at. :)

Logo Design

The design that was chosen utilized strong typography and a bold mix of colorful paw prints. The paw prints are to depict the many different types of animals that Scottsville Animal Hospital sees. The typography adds the level of professionalism needed for a veterinary medical practice. A secondary mark was made by combining the paw prints into a square arrangement, perfect for stamping or a profile picture on Facebook.

Brand Implementation

The brand is slowly being rolled out, first in digital/printed materials and apparel design. The next phase will be exterior signage!

Apparel Design included soft, buttery Bella + Canvas tees. SAH also ordered fleece jackets and matching face masks with their new brand!

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