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McKinney Law, PLLC

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McKinney Law, PLLC
September 2020

Branding From the Start

Starting a business with a consistent brand presence displays establishment, commitment and trust from the start. For Rebekah McKinney, starting her own practice was her taking all her previous professional experience and bottling it up for her very own special brand experience. It was important to her to convey a quality and professional service from the beginning. After meeting with Rebekah about her needs and goals out of her brand, we got to work defining three possible directions for the overall mood and color scheme for her brand. We create moodboards because we like to bring you along for the process, ensuring that we are always providing you with a concept that fits your needs and dreams.

Three moodboard and color palette options created for McKinney Law, PLLC.

Upon receiving the moodboards, Rebekah decided she wanted to see concepts for Moodboards 1 & 2. For Rebekah, it was important to have a bit of feminine touch to her brand but not be overdone. The inclusion of the script font in her logo gives the perfect feminine touch that's not too heavy. The "M" compliments her husband's business that is next door, McKinney & Associates, a CPA firm. Listing her services beneath gives some clarity on the legal services that Rebekah wants to provide.

After the logo is solidified, we flush out all the supporting elements. Supporting elements are anything that further implement your brand in different applications. For Rebekah's business, it's important for the correspondence to convey trust and security. We created a stationery package for her that includes business cards, presentation folders, letterheads and envelopes and thank you notes. From the beginning to the end of a customer's experience, they will receive a consistent brand reputation because of this close attention to detail.

Brand Style Guide

Press Release

We can make your brand all things pretty but then it has to be shared! Announcing to the City of Scottsville that Rebekah was in business was initiated with a press release in the local newspaper highlighting a headshot of Rebekah, a list of most common services and a form of contact.

We're looking forward to see what Rebekah does with her new brand! 

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