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Glenview Health & Rehab

Locally owned and providing care for South Central Kentucky for generations, Glenview Health & Rehab desired to freshen up their brand as they successfully launched new facilities.

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Glenview Health & Rehab
March 2020

A Forward Brand Approach

A strong foundation of over 40 years of exceptional healthcare was already working in Glenview's favor. When Glenview approached Oliver Creative, they were looking for a way to honor that past while preparing for the future. In the past year they have added to their facilities with new independent living apartments, an outpatient therapy unit along with an additional wing for senior assisted living. Their current branding had never been visited for over 20 years and so with the facelift to their building, we provided a facelift to their branding, social media, and their website.This new addition was offering their patients and residents a bright future of care that needed to be displayed.; one that looks to restore life and for Glenview to grow alongside their patients and employees.

Fresh, Bright Photography

During our brand discovery meeting, Glenview told me their goal was to provide care that felt like family and to bring their patients back to their best possible health. Fresh, bright photography definitely was an important aspect to sharing all that Glenview was doing to insure that their residents and patients were experiencing healing and top-notch care. Displaying daily activities, one-on-one nursing care and what life would look like at Glenview were essential things to show to their desired customer.

Fresh photography highlighting life at Glenview

Print Marketing

Since most of their patients are referred from healthcare providers, a brochure was essential to share with those offices and at health fairs. The brochure highlights the many types of care you can receive at Glenview and how to directly contact them to schedule a visit or learn more.

Informational Brochure highlighting types of care at Glenview

A Trusting Web Presence

In healthcare, it is essential to establish trust and share your philosophy on care. Glenview knew that most people would be in the initial researching phase of finding a care provider for their loved one, so we developed a website that shares the types of care, photos of the facility and some of the amenities that residents experience at Glenview. Not only were potential residents interested in the website but also it serves as a place for employment seekers to find and submit a job application to work with Glenview.

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