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Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce

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Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce
October 2021

The Problem

For the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce, its been over 20 years since they worked to establish and create a visual brand. Creating a brand that spoke to one specific industry, the Chamber of Commerce became restricted and was not inclusive to the new businesses growing in town. Despite all odds and a pandemic, the commerce of Eatonton has seen steady growth and a change in the industry landscape over the course of the years. But it's time for a refresh.

A core team of dedicated staff and Board of Directors are already at work improving the city and making a difference for its business owners through tourism and the chamber efforts. Inclusivity is at the heart of this effort, making sure all businesses, no matter size or industry, feel welcome. Building on that momentum, there is an evident feeling of economic prosperity and growth happening in Eatonton and they are ready to take the steps forward to provide a cohesive, consistent approach to their efforts. The staff at Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce are ready to hit the ground running with a new visual brand and a mission they can stand behind. 

This group of visionaries has a strong desire to give the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce and its members the story it deserves; preserving a legacy while embracing a rise of newfound industry and small business owners. 

Before the myriad of tasks and projects outlined in the plan, the development of a community vision and brand is necessary to unify the movement. 

The Solution


The first phase of the branding process included research and planning. Through a Discovery workshop including the staff of the Chamber, we set out to define consistent messaging. The results of this process led us to our strategy which outlined: 

• Brand goals 
• Purpose 
• Mission, Vision, Values 
• Brand Essence (personality, voice, tone) 
• Value Proposition 
• Tagline 
• Messaging Pillars
• Customer Personas


I usually learn so much from the client in phase 1 that phase 2 is an exciting kickoff for me. Using what we learned in Phase 1, we start by defining the visual style that matches the personality and tone of the brand. After we learned about our target audience and created customer personas, we then look at what styles attract them most and speak to their needs, wants and desires. Once a direction was established, a brand identity was created. Concepts are presented and feedback is given. We then reach a brand identity! Guidelines and assets are developed, including a new logo, fonts, color scheme, tagline, and any positioning statements. 


Once the brand is fully designed, it’s time to implement. Unifying the brand across all platforms from digital to physical will be of the utmost importance. Traditional and nontraditional advertising mediums may be utilized depending on funds available, along with publicity strategies focused on: 

Introducing and selling the new brand to specific target markets, including but not limited to, existing members, potential new members, general business and community of Eatonton.

The Goals

• to move forward with a cohesive mindset and direction
• to give the Chamber a fresh look and continuity across all messaging
• to shift the message to communicate “We’re here for the people, they’re not here for us.”
• to highlight the Eatonton’s thriving arts community, rich history, and natural attractions
• set a new level of expectation and standard among the community

The Visual Identity

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