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Cheese Queen BG
December 2020

Time to Meet the Cheese Queen

If you haven't met the Cheese Queen, I suggest you start trying to make it happen.

Rajna first messaged us back early summer in 2020 inquiring about a brand. Quite honestly, I was shocked. At a time when a charcuterie board business should not be taking off, Rajna was investing. When Covid struck our nation and shut everything down it made us the biggest germaphobes, but Rajna didn't let that slow her down. She still found creative ways to operate a business founded on the philosophy of shared conversation and cheese.

Watching The Cheese Queen's instagram will give you a glimpse into her creative capabilities. I remember I would lay in bed at night and ooh and ahh over the texture, composition and color use on her boards. My husband thought I was bonkers. But meeting Rajna for the first time for her brand discovery was just as expected. Her cheese boards are a reflection of a true creative soul with ambition and grit.

Brand Direction

Not many people walk in our doors with great mood boards already designed but Rajna did! She came in with lots of inspiration to show me and was able to articulate the reasons why she loved certain looks and what she wanted her brand to convey. It was a great start. Rajna also came in and assured me there was no timeline for this project, she wanted it to be done right and not rushed. As a designer, I can tell you this is one of the biggest blessings a client can give you. Not because it means that you are going to squander time but creativity takes intention and sometimes the distractions of modern day life make it difficult to focus on creative projects day in and day out. She trusted us and it made all the difference.

The moodboard stage went fast for Rajna with her extensive research and inspiration that she passed along. We knew that we wanted to convey a strong feminine presence, a bold and lively attitude and a bit of flair. There were three directions presented to Rajna but she chose the two below.

Logo Concepts

Two concepts were elaborated on and one final one chosen. The first concept presented here was the one that didn't win out but we loved it too. The second was the final concept chosen and I think it has perfectly conveyed what Rajna's business experience is like! 

Packaging was important for the Cheese Queen. In the end, we created a brochure/menu, stickers, business cards and notecards for Rajna's handwritten notes attached to every cheese board.

Brand Introduction Strategy

Most of Rajna's business comes through social media exposure. I mean, have you seen these awesome Instastories full of cheese?! They are addicting to watch and so inspiring! Due to this, we knew that social media would be the quickest way to introduce her brand. Rajna hosted a giveaway of a cheese board as she introduced her new brand. Over the course of a few days she had gained over 1,000 new followers and has maintained steady growth. We created a series of Instastory backgrounds that would tease the brand release which Rajna still uses today to promote her business.

Branded Instastory Backgrounds

The Next Steps

The next steps of Rajna's brand strategy include updating her website with her new brand images and colors and an introduction of merch. Cheese Queen apparel will be available for purchase through her site and will include a unique combination of her new brand assets. Stay tuned for more implementation of this new brand! 

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