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Beach House Knits

Beach House Knits is a bespoke knitting pattern source providing knitters of all backgrounds and all ages with patterns that are well organized and of high quality. Beach House Knits’ patterns are well organized, thoughtful and easy to follow. They are cozy and comfy; a little boho, a little beachy, a little preppy There is no existing logo but a strong desire to be consistently aligned in brand messaging from the start.

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Beach House Knits
March 2020

Brand Identity Design From the Start

When your business starts out as a dream, you have big ideas and plans but little money to invest. Most people do not find it essential to invest in a brand at the beginning but you just might find that it can be the best decision you make to ensure your business is at the forefront of your customer's minds when the time comes to do business with you.

Creating a brand that is memorable and consistent from the very beginning starts your business off for success. Jill from Beach House Knits knew she wanted her brand to be aligned from the beginning. During her brand consultation call, we discussed her dreams and desires for BHK and also what style BHK was going to take on for her customers. We came up with "a little boho, a little preppy, a little beachy" to describe her brand...and if you know Jill, that is her personal brand as well! It fit perfectly to give her a brand that fit into all those categories just "a little" bit!

Moodboards & Color Inspiration

Moodboards and color inspiration palettes are the first step in the process of creating your new brand. At Oliver Creative, we find that it helps to have multiple options. Our philosophy is to give you what you expect, one that stretches your thinking and one that fully steps out. Varying these levels of inspiration for your brand help you to define a solid direction for what style of brand you want to have. For Jill, we previewed these three moodboards and color schemes.

A Brand That Applies Everywhere

It's important that your brand is a strong representation of you no matter where you apply it. We make sure to provide you with several supporting elements and secondary logos to support your primary logo. Upon receiving your brand, you will find every different file type you might need for digital or print use. We even provide you with your source file and a helpful PDF that explains How to Use Your Brand.

It's important to us that you feel comfortable using what we designed for you and that you are prepared to use it in the way it was designed. We also include a Brand Style Guide that shows you the desired and intended uses for your new brand.

We also strive to provide you the proper licensing for the fonts used within the project so you can confidently share your brand with the world without hesitation!

Brand Implementation

To extend the use of Jill's brand for Beach House Knits, we created a digital PDF on Canva that she can use to edit and design her patterns...a simple additional product that will easily extend her brand recognition beyond her instagram and web presence. To support the brand style, we also designed a set of icons highlighting the materials used and tools needed to complete Beach House Knits' projects.

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