There was Ada.

After more than a decade in the corporate design world, Ada founded Oliver Creative in September 2019. The dream was to create a boutique branding agency focused on positive client experiences married with truly effective design. Her experience as Art Director, designer, photographer, and sometimes traveler provided the perfect foundation on which to build the
new creative enterprise.

As a result, Oliver Creative came out of the gate strong, meeting its initial benchmarks and goals before the end of 2019.


There was Hannah

Meanwhile, Hannah was meandering her way back home after 16 years in Charleston, SC. While away, she collected experience as designer, project manager, event planner, and general chaos coordinator. She was surprised to find herself excited to return to Kentucky, inspired by the change in pace and atmosphere.

Challenge Accepted.

By spring of 2020, the cousins were regularly holding coffee shop meetings to plot pro bono design projects for local businesses. After so many shared daydreams of working together over the years, the two were discovering an altogether new passion. A passion for their hometown of Scottsville, KY and for the local businesses and makers. A passion for applying all they had learned while they were away.

Before long, a new dream began to take shape. The duo excitedly pitched their idea to Brett, Ada’s husband and the much relied-upon filter for all creative schemes. “It’s a long shot, but you have 6 months to prove it out,” was his response. Challenge accepted.

Oliver Creative signed the lease on its first brick and mortar space, affectionately referred to as “The Studio,” in March 2020. Within days, the entire country was racked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the majority of business came to a screeching halt. Optimistically, a bit crazily, the team kept moving forward. The girls will not soon forget painting the logo wall while curious onlookers came to a complete stop in the street!

The circa 1931 building is chock full of character and features a dramatic, sun-drenched corner view of the town they both love.

Against all odds.

Against all odds, Oliver Creative not only survived the next 6 months, it began to thrive. In addition to branding and marketing projects, The Studio began hosting creative workshops to a pandemic-weary community. Ada and Hannah were thrilled to receive overwhelming support from their hometown as they labored to establish the first business of its kind in the area.

What if we could actually paint the town? What could be more fun than rebranding the place that made us?

It has become a shoes off, music up, dog napping on the sofa kind of place. A serious business with seriously creative vibes. When a potential client asks if they can put their feet on the furniture or requests honey in their coffee, the girls just look at each other and smile. When a workshop crowd is chatting loudly and art supplies are flying, the two often meet in the kitchen to share a laugh. Watching a dream come true has been worth every sacrifice - and more fun than either could have imagined!

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